[PentesterAcademy] Container Security | Beginner Edition Bootcamp


On-Demand: Container Security: Beginner Edition Bootcamp



A hands-on introduction to Container Security, this bootcamp shows you how misconfigured components can lead to breakout attacks and eventually, host compromise.


What You’ll Learn:

This is a 4-session beginner bootcamp that will teach you the basics of containers and how to secure them.

You will learn to use different tools and techniques to audit containers, container hosts, image repositories and container management tools. Our unique lab setup lets you try low-level breakout attacks which otherwise can only be done in local virtual machines.



1. A basic knowledge of computers and networking
2. Familiarity with the Linux operating system


Who should join this bootcamp?:

1. Beginners and enthusiasts interested in building a foundation in Container Security
2. Red Teamers and Pentesters who need to add Container Security to their professional skillset
3. Security professionals dealing with Docker environments


About Instructor:

Nishant Sharma

Nishant Sharma leads R&D at Pentester Academy and Attack Defense. He has 8+ years of experience in the information security field including 6+ years in WiFi security research and development. He has presented research and conducted workshops at Blackhat USA/Asia, DEF CON China, HITB, RootCon, Packet Hacking Village, Wireless Village, IoT village and Demo labs (DEFCON USA).

Nishant’s Twitter handle is also @wifisecguy, which should tell you all you need to know about his research interests.


Size: 1.86GB


Course: https://bootcamps.pentesteracademy.com/course/container-security-on-demand

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