[O’REILLY] Introduction To Docker CI/CD


O’REILLY – Introduction To Docker CI/CD [FCO]



Containers are often advertised as solving a multitude of problems relating to delivering and maintaining highly available software in the always-on, global environment that most organizations must serve today, but how can they actually help you? What problems are you actually experiencing that can be solved with containers and its closely related technologies?

After becoming comfortable with using containers in your day-to-day development workflow, the next step is to take containers deeper into your DevOps pipeline. In this class, we will use Docker Compose to help us set up a fully functioning containerized CI/CD pipeline on our local development systems.

The resulting setup will allow each student to write some code, check that code into a git repo, and then watch that code get automatically built, tested, and potentially deployed, using containers for everything.

What you’ll learn and how you can apply it


By the end of this live, hands-on, online course, you’ll understand:

• How to use Docker to automate your DevOps pipeline


And you’ll be able to:

• Launch a private git-based source code repository (Gogs)
• Launch a private Docker repository (Docker Distribution)
• Launch a private CI/CD instance (Jenkins)
• Configure the components to work together
• Automate the DevOps Pipeline
• You need to understand how to leverage containers to build a simple and reliable DevOps pipeline.



• Basic comfort with the Unix command line is helpful.
• Comfort working with Docker images and containers.


Recommended preparation:

• A modern computer and OS
• Recent Linux, OS X, or Windows 10
• root/admin rights
• CPU Virtualization extensions MUST be enabled in your BIOS/EFI
• Reliable and fast internet connectivity
• Docker Desktop or Engine (Community Edition)
• Linux users need to also install Docker Compose, separately.
• A graphical web browser
• A text editor
• A software package manager
• Git client
• General comfort with the command line will be helpful.
• Optionally, have the following command-line tools installed: tar, wget, curl, jq, and an SSH client
• Introduction to Docker images (live online training course with Sean Kane)
• Introduction to Docker containers (live online training course with Sean Kane)
• Introduction to Docker compose (live online training course with Sean Kane)


General Info:

Author: Sean P. Kane
Language: English
Released: March 2022
Duration: 2h 33m
ISBN: 0636920668855
Course Source: https://www.oreilly.com/videos/introduction-to-docker/0636920668879/


Size: 1.66GB

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