[Frontend Masters] JavaScript: From First Steps to Professional

Frontend Masters – JavaScript: From First Steps to Professional [FCO]



Take your first steps into the wide world of JavaScript and walk away with the core skills needed to become a professional JavaScript programmer! Through a series of hands-on projects, you’ll learn the building blocks to write dynamic websites. Modify web pages on the fly, write reusable code with functions, react to user events, make decisions with conditionals, and fetch data from APIs! Everything you need to continue your journey to become effective at JavaScript.



– Learn the fundamentals of programming in JavaScript, starting from scratch
– Conquer core concepts related to data types, objects, arrays, and functions
– Get cozy with JS syntax, including operators, variables, loops, and branching logic
– Befriend modern JS features such as arrow functions, destructuring, promises, and async/await
– Build a strong foundation to start learning advanced JS, functional programming, or frameworks like React


Course description

In this course, we’ll start from square one to take our first steps into the wide world of JavaScript, and we’ll walk away with the core skills we need to become productive JavaScript programmers. Through a series of hands-on projects, we’ll learn how to write our own JS code to manipulate and add interactivity to our websites, in cooperation with our friends HTML & CSS. We’ll wrap our heads around the building blocks of JS programs, including data types, objects, arrays, and functions, and how to work with them using core language features like operators, variables, loops, and branching logic. We’ll even encounter modern JS features & syntax such as arrow functions, destructuring, promises and async/await. After this course we’ll be ready to dive deeper into topics like advanced JS, functional programming, frontend frameworks like React, or backend programming with Node.



– Are you looking to add JavaScript to your web developer skillset after studying HTML & CSS?
– Do you want to start learning functional programming or a functional-inspired framework like React, but need to bring your JS up to speed first?
– Have you written some code in a language like Python or Ruby, and now want to add JS to your repertoire?
– Did you learn some JS in the past, and want to review the fundamentals and learn newer language features?
– If any or all of those are true, this is the perfect course for you!



– We will assume no prior familiarity with JavaScript or programming; folks who have already written some JS or a different scripting language may find some of the modules a helpful review
– We will assume participants are familiar with basic HTML and CSS, though these will be tangential to the course and folks who are unfamiliar are welcome and will still be able to follow along
– Participants will only need a laptop with a web browser (Firefox or Chrome recommended)



Anjana Vakil – Software Engineer & Educator

Anjana suffers from a chronic case of curiosity, which led her from philosophy to English teaching to computational linguistics to software development. As a freelance engineer & educator, these days she mostly codes & teaches from her home base in San Francisco, when not traveling (in a mask) to events around the world to speak about the joy of programming and advocate for a more equitable & ethical tech industry. Nerd out with her about functional programming & JavaScript, ask her about the Recurse Center & Outreachy, and definitely invite her to your karaoke party!.


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