[Frontend Masters] Build Go Apps That Scale on AWS

Frontend Masters – Build Go Apps That Scale on AWS [FCO] About Spend a full day building a robust application with Go and AWS CDK with Melkey. Course description This workshop focuses on deploying a robust application using AWS CDK and Golang. This session will guide you through the essentials of the AWS Cloud Development […]

[Frontend Masters] Fast and Budget-Friendly User Research and Testing

Frontend Masters – Fast and Budget-Friendly User Research and Testing [FCO] About Explore practical approaches to user research and assemble a toolkit of testing techniques you can use throughout the design cycle with Paul Boag. Course description We don’t live in an ideal world. Most of us have too much work, too little time, and […]

[Frontend Masters] Product Design Fundamentals

Frontend Masters – Product Design Fundamentals [FCO] About Join UX consultant Paul Boag in this workshop to learn the basics of product design. Discover how to create fast and effective prototypes before designing your final app using a robust design system. Course description If you want to create a great app or already have a […]

[Frontend Masters] CSS Grid & Flexbox, v3

Frontend Masters – CSS Grid & Flexbox, v3 [FCO] About Spend two days learning layout techniques using CSS Grid and Flexbox with Jen Kramer. Course description Explore CSS layouts in-depth, including Grid and Subgrid, Flexbox, responsive image techniques, media queries, and container queries. Learn how to apply these techniques to your next website, even if […]

[Frontend Masters] JavaScript: From First Steps to Professional

Frontend Masters – JavaScript: From First Steps to Professional [FCO] About Take your first steps into the wide world of JavaScript and walk away with the core skills needed to become a professional JavaScript programmer! Through a series of hands-on projects, you’ll learn the building blocks to write dynamic websites. Modify web pages on the […]

[Frontend Masters] The Last Algorithms Course You’ll Need (V1 & V2)

Frontend Masters – The Last Algorithms Course You’ll Need (V1 & V2) [FCO] The Last Algorithms Course You’ll Need (Part 1) (Version 1) Welcome to a super fun, beginner-friendly data structures and algorithms course. Is it really the last algorithms course you’ll need? If you want to pass tough interview questions, then yes! You’ll learn […]

[Frontend Masters] Vanilla JavaScript Projects

Frontend Masters – Vanilla JavaScript Projects [FCO] About Solidify your JavaScript fundamentals through practical projects! Tackle real-world tasks like implementing a dark mode switcher, creating a modal dialog component, and pull everything together into a full camera app. Throughout the course, you’ll use asynchronous JavaScript, the DOM, and take JavaScript beyond the browser with Node.js. […]

[Frontend Masters] Svelte Fundamentals

Frontend Masters – Svelte Fundamentals [FCO] About Learn the Svelte framework from the creator himself, Rich Harris! Get hands-on with all the fundamentals of Svelte: reactivity, props, events, data binding, lifecycle functions, and stores. Plus advanced APIs like animations, transitions, slots, and context. Finally, build a full project from scratch with Svelte, an Emoji Matching […]

[Frontend Masters] Fullstack Svelte with SvelteKit

Frontend Masters – Fullstack Svelte with SvelteKit [FCO] About Build full stack web apps with SvelteKit by the creator himself, Rich Harris! Discover the magic of SvelteKit, a “love letter to web development” framework that offers server-side rendering paired with client-side navigation capabilities. Dive into SvelteKit basics, forms, API routing, stores, advanced SvelteKit features like […]

[Frontend Masters] Blazingly Fast JavaScript

Frontend Masters – Blazingly Fast JavaScript [FCO] About Make your code faster through benchmarking and optimization. Using a practical Web Sockets game demo, you’ll learn to optimize memory and asynchronous JavaScript, testing and iterating throughout the course. You’ll tackle garbage collection, memory profiling, data structures like sets and arrays, and event loop management. Gain advanced […]

[Frontend Masters] Professional JavaScript

Frontend Masters – Professional JavaScript [FCO] About This workshop is designed to build on existing JavaScript skills, deepening knowledge of Functional & Object-Oriented JS, familiarizing attendees with JavaScript’s built-in objects, powerful browser APIs and modern development tools. Some Key Takeaways! By participating along with us in the workshop, you’ll learn: • Deepen your understanding of […]

[Frontend Masters] Complete Intro to Web Development, v3

Frontend Masters – Complete Intro to Web Development, v3 [FCO] About More than an introduction, you’ll build your first website and get a solid foundation for becoming a professional web developer with modern skills! By coding along in this course, you’ll get experience writing HTML, styling your pages with CSS, and learning how to program […]

[Frontend Masters] Enterprise UI Development: Testing & Code Quality

Frontend Masters – Enterprise UI Development: Testing & Code Quality [FCO] About Perfect for lead UI developers managing large apps, migrating codebases, or starting scalable projects while maintaining code quality. Learn unit testing with Vitest, continuous integration via GitHub Actions, component and accessibility testing with Ax, mocking techniques, and code standard enforcement using ESLint and […]

[Frontend Masters] Angular Fundamentals

Frontend Masters – Angular Fundamentals [FCO] About Learn how to leverage the power of Angular to build powerful, real-world applications from the ground up. We’ll start with the Angular CLI to quickstart our app then build from there with components, templates, routing, forms, server-side communication, and much more. Some Key Takeaways! By participating along with […]

[Frontend Masters] Test Your JavaScript Knowledge

Frontend Masters – Test Your JavaScript Knowledge [FCO] About Take an in-depth interactive quiz exploring the core concepts of JavaScript. Test your knowledge through a variety of question formats that cover typical problems encountered in daily code. Some Key Takeaways! By participating along with us in the workshop, you’ll learn: – JavaScript engine core concepts […]

[Frontend Masters] Astro For Fast Website Development

Frontend Masters – Astro for Fast Website Development [FCO] About Astro for Fast Modern Web Development, Jason Lengstorf begins the course by introducing key aspects of Astro, a web framework that features zero JavaScript by default, incorporates partial hydration, and maintains a UI-agnostic approach. This course is compatible with Astro versions 2. x and 3. […]