[Eduonix] Become A Certified Web Developer From Scratch – Coupon


[100% Off] Become A Certified Web Developer From Scratch Free Course Coupon

Instructor: Eduonix Learning Solutions, Scott Cosentino

Lessons: 97 lectures

Duration: 16.70 hours

Learn web development with this certified web developer course, including popular tech such as HTML, CSS & JavaScript.

About this Course

In this course, we will discuss the various components of a web application, including the front end, back end, APIs, and databases. We will start by learning the basics of front-end development, learning about HTML and CSS, as well as modern frameworks for design such as Bootstrap. Next, we will move to the backend to learn about Javascript, as well as API and server frameworks such as Node.js and Express. Finally, we will look at tools like React, as well as database storage methods like MongoDB and MySQL. By the end of this course, you will feel comfortable with all aspects of front and back-end development.


  • A basic knowledge of computer programming
  • Comfortable with installing programs and using web browsers


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