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[100% Off] Learn Top Ten Frameworks In PHP By Building Projects Free Course Coupon

Instructor: Eduonix Learning Solutions

Lessons: 78 lectures

Duration: 17.74 hours

Pick the best PHP framework for your next website, with this unique top 10 PHP frameworks project course.

About this Course

Eduonix brings you a unique course that covers some of the most popular PHP frameworks in a single curriculum. You no longer have to refer to multiple books and resources to learn them as you can master them all here. You get to create ten different projects using using a different framework for each and will also help you identify the pros and cons of each of them. After this course you will be in a better position to decide which framework to choose for your next project.

PHP is the most popular web programming language. Originally designed to handle simply the back-end process of webpages, PHP has now also evolved as a general-purpose programming language.

Instead of manually coding everything between the website and the server, there are now numerous frameworks that can simplify the tasks of creating the CMS of a website or an application. PHP offers multiple benefits in terms of designing including the ability to be embedded in HTML coding or be used with various web template systems and web frameworks.

With so many benefits and the ability to shave off drastic amount of a developer’s time, it is no wonder a lot of people are learning PHP frameworks and there are many different frameworks available for developers to design their websites.

If you are new to coding and haven’t yet determined which framework to use or are fluent in one framework but have a willingness to learn another one – well then this is the perfect course for you.

Our course will tackle ten of the most popular PHP frameworks that are available and will show you what you can do with simple coding and an amazing framework. Each framework will be used to create a brand new project.

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