[Coursera] Build Website with HTML, JavaScript, AngularJS, and React Specialization

Coursera – Build Website with HTML, JavaScript, AngularJS, and React Specialization [FCO]



Become a proficient Frontend Web Developer. Mastering skills in HTML, JavaScript, AngularJS, and React, and learning to craft dynamic, responsive web applications through a highly practical, hands-on curriculum.


What you’ll learn

– Master the essentials of HTML and CSS to create responsive web layouts and design stunning web pages that work seamlessly across various devices.
– Deep dive into JavaScript’s realm, creating dynamic web pages, leveraging DOM manipulations, and harnessing event-driven functionalities.
– Navigate the world of React and AngularJS, building powerful UIs, mastering component-based architectures, and managing application states.
– Immerse in practical project-based learning, integrating HTML, CSS, JavaScript, React, and AngularJS for dynamic, interactive web development.


Specialization – 3 course series

Dive deep into the world of modern web development with this comprehensive specialization. Comprising three distinct courses, this curriculum empowers learners to create cutting-edge, dynamic websites by combining essential front-end technologies:

1. Building Webpages with HTML and CSS:

Introduction to the backbone of web development: HTML and CSS.

Constructing web pages from scratch, diving into HTML elements like headlines, paragraphs, lists, and links.

Advanced styling techniques using CSS properties and selectors.

Embrace responsive design with Bootstrap, ensuring your websites look impeccable on all devices.

2. JavaScript for Web Development:

Start with the foundation: learn basic JavaScript concepts like data types, variables, and functions.

Elevate your websites’ interactivity by mastering the Document Object Model (DOM) and JavaScript event handling.

Dive deeper with advanced JavaScript techniques and explore the power of jQuery for streamlined DOM manipulation.

3. Libraries and Frameworks for Frontend Development:

Dive into powerful frontend libraries and frameworks.

Discover React’s potential for building reusable UI components.

Unlock AngularJS’s capabilities for dynamic single-page applications.

Integrate jQuery for simpler, more elegant JavaScript solutions.

Embark on this transformative journey and redefine your skills as a front-end developer. Construct dynamic, interactive websites with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, AngularJS, and React.

Applied Learning Project

Our program is highly focused on practical, hands-on learning. We understand that developers learn best by doing, so our courses and modules are designed to help learners apply what they learn in real-world scenarios. Our instructors are experienced developers who have worked on numerous Frontend projects and are well-equipped to guide learners through the practical aspects of Frontend Development.


Skills you will gain

– Jquery
– React (Web Framework)
– JavaScript
– Angularjs
– Cascading Style Sheets (CSS)



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