[Code with Mosh] Mastering React

Mastering React

Don’t get left behind. React is the way forward to building fast, interactive web apps. This course covers everything.

Fast-track route to build and deploy fast, interactive apps

Let’s face it – all the cool kids are using React…

What else do you expect from a JavaScript library that was developed by Facebook?

But seriously, if you don’t know how to build apps with React – then you’re falling behind the curve. It has quickly become the most popular JavaScript library since its release in 2011.

Both new and seasoned developers are using it to build app front-ends that are fast, dynamic and stand out. If you want to see what React apps are like, just think of the big popular sites like Facebook, Instagram, Netflix, Yahoo, the list goes on…

Your ticket to higher earnings

Fact: employers and clients love to see React experience on your CV.

You’re pretty much guaranteed to expand your career options
and make some extra money in the process.

Just consider this…

The average annual salary for a JavaScript developer is $72,500

The average annual salary for a React.js developer is $77,800 (source: www.payscale.com)

That means you can secure an extra $5k per year, just for taking the time to complete this course, at a cost of only $149. Amazing value, huh?

No more wasting time…

Don’t waste time on courses that:

  • are out-of-date with poor guidance and bad advice
  • don’t progress logically from the basics to mastery
  • you have to continually watch again and again due to poor presentation
  • are boring, bland and repetitive
  • don’t offer value for money and won’t help your career.

Instead… Try ‘Mastering React’ – the course for ambitious developers

I’ve designed Mastering React to cover absolutely every detail you could possibly need to take you from beginner React app builder to expert level.

I share tips from several years’ experience using React, including the do’s and don’ts, best practices, common mistakes and practical shortcuts that every professional React developer needs to know.

Why you should take this course

  • You’ll develop new and valuable skills to take your app development career to new heights
  • Flexible learning – at your own pace, on any device
  • 12 hours of easy-to-understand, “no-fluff” HD videos and activities – breaks down React into easy-to-learn chunks
  • Practical exercises that can be applied straight away
  • Tips and tricks to make you a React wizard and increase your employability
  • Course completion certificate to present to your employer or clients
  • No-questions-asked 30-day money back guarantee

You’ll learn to how to build a real video rental app.

no more boring tutorials and courses that teach you how to make to-do apps!

Master React

With the Master React course, you’ll hit the ground running. You’ll build your first React app within minutes of starting! And it doesn’t stop there – each module is carefully designed to cut the B.S. focussing only on the skills and knowledge you need to make professional quality apps.

  • Modern JavaScript
  • Components
  • Tables and lists
  • Pagination, sorting and searching
  • Forms with validation
  • Routing and navigation
  • Calling HTTP services
  • Authentication and authorization
  • Handling and logging errors
  • Deployment

Bite-sized, memorable and easy-to-digest videos with zero fluff

Build professional-quality apps with complete

confidence by the end of this course

Master more than just React…

Most courses just teach you React and nothing else. This course is different.

You’ll master:

  • how to think like a software engineer – benefit from Mosh’s 18 years’ experience in the industry
  • professional-level programming techniques
  • how to distinguish between ‘good’ and ‘bad’ code – and how to refactor it
  • shortcuts and tips to write code super-fast


All you need is some basic, beginner-level familiarity with JavaScript.

You don’t need to know anything about React – everything is covered in the course.

Your Instructor

Mosh Hamedani

Hi! My name is Mosh Hamedani. Over the last three years, I’ve taught over 1M students how to code or how to become a better coder through my online courses and YouTube channel.

I’ve been working as a software engineer for the past 18 years and I love to share my knowledge with you. It’s my mission to make coding accessible to everyone.

Source: https://codewithmosh.com/p/mastering-react


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  4. Please, Update this course. It has been updated with latest topics Hooks, Context, Functional Component and more.
    Updated to React 16.12 (Jan 2020)

  5. Big salute to you FCO. I’ve been waiting for this course and you rescued me off from watching messy tutorials and banging my head. Huge thanks for you, Love you, loads.

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