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In this class, we’re going to be crafting together your very own expert personal statement. For a lot of us, the personal statement is often the most important thing that we’ll ever write. It’s the thing that’ll determine the next 4-6 years of our lives. So it’s easy to see the importance of making sure it’s the best it can be. My name’s Shaene and I’m a doctor, Cambridge University Graduate and Oxford University Supervisor – and I’ll be taking you from the beginning to the end of your personal statement journey.

Part One – Building Blocks

In the first few lessons, we’re first going to be looking at the expertly designed 8 pillar framework based on personal statements of students who were accepted into Oxbridge and other top ranking universities. These 8 pillars will form the basis of your thought process and help you decide what to include in the personal statement. Think of these pillars as the building blocks.

We’re going to spend some time learning how best to reflect on experiences in ways that show the reader that you are someone who is capable of extracting lessons and developing for the better as a result of it.

We’re going to learn about strategies like the personality pillar and writing style to help your personal statement stand out and shine.

Importantly, we’re going to be linking all this theory to carefully analysed real life examples from past successful personal statements.

Part Two – The Structuring

Then once we’ve decided what to include, we’re going to go through the structure and learn how to put together the building blocks to form the final product.

We’re going to be providing you with proven syntax and paragraph formulas that will ensure that every sentence you write has a purpose.

We’ll be learning how to structure the overall personal statement so that it flows beautifully and tells a story.

Part Three – The Examples

One of the biggest strengths of this video course, is that I provide several example personal statements each carefully broken down and analysed.

And as each has come from students, now doctors, who have been accepted into Oxbridge and other top ranking unis, you can be confident that everything you learn has been tried, tested and shown to work.

Part Four – Getting Started

In the final part of the class, we’ll learn about the key quality table and how to make the best start to the personal statement using it. We’ll then learn how to cut down and refine the personal statement so that you’re left with only the most powerful and purposeful sentences. As part of this, we’ll learn strategies that’ll maximise what we can say in the fewest words possible. And finally, we’ll meet some pitfalls to avoid and end with some final thoughts.

I made this class because I truly believe you deserve a place at medical school, and I don’t want the personal statement to be the thing that holds you back. Let me help you craft your own unique story and make it the best as it can be! 🙂


Hands-on Class Project

The project for this class is of course to create your own amazing personal statements! However, be weary of sharing them online, especially if you’re applying this year and please do not exactly copy any of the examples given, but use them to inspire your own ideas! So with this in mind, it’ll be more sensible for everyone to submit the class project as their Key Quality Table so we can give feedback on what belongs where and how strong the experience is!

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Skills Covered

• Editorial Writing
• Creative Writing
• Creative
• Personal Branding
• Student Tools


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