[SkillShare] Create Colorful Pattern Posters in Illustrator and Photoshop



About This Class


In this class, I will be showing you how to create colorful shape patterns in Adobe Illustrator. Then we’ll be going into Photoshop to create a poster with our pattern as the focal point.

Some of the things you’ll learn in this class.

  • Creating colorful patterns with simple shapes in Illustrator
  • Modifying the shapes in order to get different results with the blend tool
  • Using the colors and our pattern to create other design elements
  • A lot of ways to use the liquify tool
  • Creating various poster text styles

Experiment with different designs and images to get varying results!


Project Description

Create a poster following along with the tutorial, and then create a design of your own using the same techniques!


Skills in this Class:

Typography, Adobe Illustrator, Pattern Design, Adobe Photoshop, Graphic Design, Creative, Abstract, Poster


Size: 515MB


Course: https://www.skillshare.com/classes/Create-Colorful-Pattern-Posters-in-Illustrator-and-Photoshop/1928286843

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