[Pluralsight] C++ Fundamentals – Part 2


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ShortDescription“: “Building on the material presented in C++ Fundamentals, this course rounds out what a modern C++ developer should know, including C++11 material.”,

Description“: “Good C++ developers know more than just the syntax of the language: they know the libraries that come with it, and they know when to use a particular feature. In this sequel to C++ Fundamentals, you’ll learn those things. A quick overview of the Standard Library will provide you with collections, algorithms to work with collections, and string manipulation capabilities, as well as signposts to more Standard Library capabilities. Then perhaps the most important C++11 language change, lambdas, are explained and put in context. Finally exceptions, a powerful error-handling technique, are introduced and you will see their significance for resource and memory management. With the modern C++ foundations complete, the last module of this course goes back in time to the sorts of syntax and idioms you’re likely to find in older code, including typedefs, function pointers, void pointers, and C-style strings and arrays. Modern C++ developers must cope with legacy code and this module will show you how.”,

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