[PacktPub] Mobile E-Commerce with Flutter, Redux, and Stripe [Video]


Reed Barger
October 25, 2019

7 hours 6 minutes

Build an online marketplace for your mobile apps!
  • Gain a fundamental understanding of Flutter and Firebase
  • Learn to make impressive, functional, and mobile e-commerce projects with Flutter
  • Learn to use the Stripe Node library to execute charges and add/manage customers and credit cards
  • Display notifications with Snackbars
  • Work with maps, lists and essential map/list methods
AboutIn this course, we’ll build a full-stack e-commerce mobile application from scratch, with a complete shopping cart for authenticated users as well as an entire customer checkout.

This will be a complete app with an eye-catching UI using the Flutter Material Library and Redux for global state management and Redux Thunk for async actions. This will be a complete API with custom controllers thanks to Strapi, with our app data stored in a cloud MongoDB Atlas database and user authentication with Register/Login.

We will cover the following topics in this course:

• Async/await functions in Flutter, making authenticated requests

• Rapidly building a highly functional REST API with Strapi

• Managing/storing API data with the MongoDB Atlas cloud database

• Persisting data locally in Flutter with SharedPreferences

• Decoding/encoding and serializing/deserializing JSON data with Dart

• Navigation/routing in Flutter

• Using themes in Flutter to share color/text styles across apps

• Constructing forms/managing form state in Flutter apps

• Securely registering/logging-in users with JSON web tokens

• Form validation/error handling in Flutter

• Multi-child layout widgets: ListViews, GridViews, TabBars, and more

• Custom material-theme styling

• Formatting dates in Flutter with the Intl library

And much more!

This course will give you the core structure and techniques you need to build any sort of mobile store with Flutter, whatever product or service you sell.

All the code files are placed at https://github.com/PacktPublishing/Mobile-E-Commerce-with-Flutter-Redux-and-Stripe

  • A Complete Masterclass on Firebase and Firestore with Flutter for building any sort of mobile store
  • Discover the Asynchronous actions in Redux with Redux Thunk and process payments in Flutter using Stripe
  • Designing attractive Flutter apps with the Material Widget library and Redux for global state management in Flutter apps
Course Length7 hours 6 minutes
Date Of Publication25 Oct 2019
Size: 2.95GB 

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