[O’REILLY] Testing In Python Video Course


Author:Alfredo Deza, Noah Gift
Released:July 2020
Duration:1.5h +


Getting started with testing can be hard, and this video aims make it all very easy by using examples and explaining the process in a straightforward way. Testing is a core principle of robust software implementations and should be a prime skill to master that can be applied to any project.


About Instructor

Noah Gift,

Lecturer at Duke MIDS, UC Davis Graduate School of Management’s MSBA program, Northwestern Graduate Data Science program, and UC Berkeley Graduate Information & Data Science program. Has held business roles including CTO, general manager, consulting CTO, and cloud architect. He consults with start-ups and other companies on machine learning and cloud architecture, Python Software Foundation Fellow, AWS Subject Matter on Machine Learning, AWS and Google Certified Solutions Architect and AWS Academy Accredited Instructor, and has published books on cloud machine learning and DevOps.

Alfredo Deza,

Alfredo Deza is a passionate software engineer, avid open source developer, Vim plugin author, photographer, and former Olympic athlete. He has given several lectures around the world about Open Source Software, personal development, and professional sports. He has rebuilt company infrastructure, designed shared storage, and replaced complex build systems, always in search of efficient and resilient environments. With a strong belief in testing and documentation, he continues to drive robust development practices wherever he is.
As a spirited knowledge-craving developer Alfredo can be found giving presentations in local groups about Python, file systems and storage, system administration, and professional sports.

Skills covered in this course:

• Python
• Robust
• Technology
• Networking
• Cloud Computing



Course Link:


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