[O’REILLY] Cloud Computing with Python Video Course


by Alfredo Deza, Noah Gift
Released December 2020
Publisher(s): Pragmatic AI Solutions

Video description

Get started with Cloud Computing in Python. Topics include: Multi-Cloud, Cloud Computing Service Models, Distributed Computing in the Cloud, Cloud Computing ETL Pipelines, Serverless Soutions with the Cloud, Containers in the Cloud, and Continuous Delivery for ML Engineers


Table of contents

    1. “Multi Cloud Onboarding With Cloud Computing”
    2. “Cloud Computing Service Models”
    3. “Distributed Computing In The Cloud”
    4. “Cloud Computing Build Etl Pipelines”
    5. “Build Serverless Solutions With Cloud Computing”
    6. “Containers In The Cloud”
    7. “Continuous Delivery For Ml Engineering”



Course Link:


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