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A basic understanding of the principles of good design (such as contrast, unity, and balance) is the foundation for creating beautiful websites. In this course, Sue Jenkins explains design aesthetics in simple terms, and shows how to incorporate the principles and elements of design in specific ways that improve your websites. Learn how to adjust adjacent colors to add contrast, create depth with texture, incorporate movement, and use repeating shapes, patterns, and borders to unify your design. Then find out how these principles play out in industry trends—and how technology such as social media and web video affect design. Sue also explores the designer’s role in the process and key concepts that apply to every workflow, including responsive design, accessibility, and originality. Along the way, Sue offers challenges to test your knowledge and think more deeply about design aesthetics for the web.

Topics include:

  • Understanding aesthetics
  • Picking harmonious colors
  • Structuring your layout
  • Using space to organize your design
  • Communicating with the right fonts
  • Aligning objects to achieve balance
  • Adding movement with scrolling and animation
  • Achieving proportion by scaling objects and text
  • Creating CSS for different devices
Skill Level Beginner

2h 45m



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