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Developers are realizing that making responsive sites solves part of a user’s interaction needs, but more and more users are seeking app-like experiences regardless of what browser or device they use. Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) fit any form factor, are connectivity independent, and feel like an app because of how the app shell separates its treatment of functions and content. This course covers how to create PWAs using Angular.

Instructor Maximiliano Firtman takes you through the steps of upgrading an enterprise-style application to a PWA. First, he discusses the preparation steps involved. Then, he explains how to lay out and create the user interface. Next, he demonstrates how to get your application to connect to web services. Maximiliano also show how to make sure your PWA is installable, followed by how to leverage service workers for going offline.

Topics include:

  • Progressive Web App architecture
  • Creating business logic classes
  • Geolocation and data services
  • Adding routes to a project
  • Creating a RESTful API
  • Connecting Angular with HTTP module
  • Connecting the form with the service
  • The web app manifest
  • Using service workers
  • Pre-caching an app’s shell with ngsw
  • Serving an app while offline
  • Updating an interface on network status change
Skill Level Intermediate

4h 40m



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Skills covered in this course

WebWeb Development Angular


Size: 725.36M



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