[Lynda] Advanced Express: Web Application Development

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Note: Mastering Express Web Application Development was created by Packt Publishing. It was originally released on 6/30/2015. We are pleased to host this training in our library.

Express.js is a fantastic JavaScript framework, but most people only scratch the surface. Express is perfect for developing APIs with performance in mind and, as a thin layer, it allows you to add any additional technology you want. Mastering Express Web Application Development introduces the tools and libraries you need to take your Express development career to the next level.

To start, author Michael Heap creates a new Express application, showing how to configure it and increase application visibility with logs. Explore Express along with various libraries that will help improve your development experience. Then take a look at technologies such as SSL and nginx, and work through deploying your application to production in a secure and scalable way. Michael also introduces some existing open-source Express projects and reviews how they are structured, to help you organize your own applications in a systematic way. By the end of the course, you’ll be familiar with a wide range of new Express tools and libraries, all of which will help you deliver the best value to your customers.

Topics include:

  • Consuming an API
  • Showing results on a webpage
  • Caching requests in memory
  • Refactoring for testing
  • Mocking to remove dependencies
  • Spying with Sinon.JS
  • Sending and receiving data in real time
  • Mounting subapplications
  • Serving content conditionally for AJAX
  • Securing your app
  • Improving performance
  • Examining large-scale Express apps: Ghost.org and Balloons.IO
Skill Level Intermediate

2h 50m



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