[Lynda] Organizing JavaScript Functionality

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No amount of learning the theory of JavaScript will substitute for actually practicing the implementation of it. Even before you adopt a framework, learning how to organize the different bits of JavaScript—modularizing, decoupling, etc.—will make a positive impact on the quality of your code. Once you’ve mastered those techniques, you can turn your attention to building code that you can share between the client—browser—and the server—Node. This course covers how arrange and systemize your JavaScript code. Learn how to organize your code, work with modules, manage server-side JavaScript, and add a shared module.

Note: This course was created on 03/29/2016 by Frontend Masters. We are pleased to host this content in our library.

Topics include:

  • Callbacks
  • Events
  • AJAX
  • Carousels, panes, and modules
  • Refactoring
  • app.js
  • Middle-end architecture
  • Secure phrase generator
  • server.js
  • Routing functions
  • Streams
  • Calling the API
  • Rendering on the page
  • Shared data validation
  • Debugging
Skill Level Intermediate

5h 6m



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Skills covered in this course

WebWeb Development JavaScript

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