[Joel Grimes] One Light Masterclass



Crack the code to lighting once and for all.

I believe that once you learn the basics of how light works, you then can replicate any lighting technique on the planet.

In this course, I have tackled a monster; I have plotted out the Inverse Square Law using the Zone System so that you can see it from a visual perspective and apply it to your everyday shooting without having your brain explode!

Create a stunning body of work without spending a fortune.

What You’ll Learn:

Have you ever wondered what all the Adobe Creative Cloud apps do? This course is for you. Explore everything the Creative Cloud has to offer and discover the best features in each tool. Focus on the areas that interest you or watch the entire course to get a strong foundation on the complete Adobe toolset. There’s something here for every creative pro. Instructor Paul Trani spotlights the apps for design and illustration, photography, video, 3D, animation, web design, and user experience. Plus, learn how to showcase your work online using Adobe services such as Behance and Portfolio.

This is for you if…:

• You’ve struggled in the past to get a good photo using any number of lights.
• You have spent a lot of time trying to understand lighting but don’t get consistent results.
• You don’t have a big photo studio and want to create amazing photography with little effort.

Imagine you could…

• Setup a photoshoot and lights professionally without overthinking it.
• Take a well-lit photo using only one light in minutes.
• Create a stunning body of work without spending a fortune on equipment.


Instructor Note:

I created this course to help photographers understand lighting and actually teach the workflow of a shoot without having to be a mathematician or wizard. The end result is for you to be able to easily create a strong emotion with a beautiful photo.


Size: 5.20GB


Course: https://www.joelgrimes.com/s002-one-light-masterclass

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