[INE] Security Engineering And System Hardening Bootcamp

INE – Security Engineering And System Hardening Bootcamp [FCO]



As the world becomes more and more connected and technology becomes even more ingrained into business and home life, properly protecting that infrastructure has become more important than ever before. From Windows servers to workstations, Linux to Mac, and IoT to ICS, it’s critically important that systems be deployed in a secure manner to reduce the available attack surface. Security hardening is the process of configuring settings on servers and other devices and systems to make them as secure as possible, while still providing proper business functionality.

In the past, cybersecurity has been an often neglected area of an organization, and qualified security engineers are needed to help prepare and protect an organization against cyber threats and criminals. By properly configuring systems and crafting in-depth solutions to harden their environment, you can become that professional At the completion of this course, you will understand the fundamentals behind security engineering, understand how to properly secure common types of systems and devices, and be prepared to move forward in your career.



Brian Olliff is a Defensive Security Instructor at INE. He has extensive experience with both network and server administration, as well as defensive cyber security operations and engineering.


General Info:

Author(s): Brian Olliff
Language: English
Updated: 6/2023
Videos Duration: 7h 52m
Course Source: https://my.ine.com/CyberSecurity/courses/eced06b6/security-engineering-and-system-hardening-bootcamp


Size: 5.38GB

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