[Domestika] Creating Presentations with AI

Domestika – Creating Presentations with AI [FCO]



Master the art of creating engaging presentations with AI-powered tools. Learn valuable techniques and concepts to captivate your audience.



Welcome to an inspiring online learning journey with Katya Kovalenko! In this online course, you’ll delve into the captivating world of Presentation Design. Katya, a seasoned Graphic Designer, specializes in the art of crafting presentations that seamlessly blend content and visuals to convey information with exceptional clarity.

You’ll explore the transformative power of AI in the realm of presentation design. Katya firmly believes in the potential of effective communication, and her mission is to equip you with the knowledge and tools necessary to harness the creative possibilities offered by AI.

This course isn’t just about automating presentations with a single click; instead, it empowers you with practical techniques and resources to streamline your workflow, enhance your visual storytelling, and reclaim valuable time.


What is this course’s project?

The pinnacle of this course is the final project, where you will craft a presentation from scratch, harnessing the capabilities of Chat GPT, Midjourney, and other AI tools. This hands-on project will consolidate your newfound skills and empower you to create presentations that captivate your audience.


Who is this online course for?

This course is designed for a diverse audience, including artists, community managers, teachers, journalists, sales professionals, real estate agents, and anyone who frequently works with text on computers or smartphones. If you’re seeking to reclaim time and enhance your productivity, this course is tailored to your needs.


Requirements and materials

To participate in this course, you need no prior knowledge, only a computer and your creative ideas. There’s no need for specialized equipment or internet access, making it accessible to anyone ready to embark on this enlightening learning journey.



Meet Katya Kovalenko, a presentation design virtuoso and educator. With an impressive career in graphic design, Katya’s expertise extends to shaping presentations that convey information effectively.

Her passion for effective communication is matched only by her commitment to equipping you with the skills needed to leverage the potential of AI in presentation design. You’ll explore this transformative field under Katya’s guidance, setting the stage for your creative journey.


General Info:

Author(s): Katya Kovalenko
Language: English + srt
Released: 10/2023
Videos Duration: 1h 54m
Course Source: https://www.domestika.org/en/courses/5458-creating-presentations-with-ai


Size: 759MB

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