[Domestika] Creating Presentations with AI

Domestika – Creating Presentations with AI [FCO] About Master the art of creating engaging presentations with AI-powered tools. Learn valuable techniques and concepts to captivate your audience. In-Detail Welcome to an inspiring online learning journey with Katya Kovalenko! In this online course, you’ll delve into the captivating world of Presentation Design. Katya, a seasoned Graphic […]

Challenging Programming In Python: A Problem Solving Perspective 2024 [eBook]

Challenging Programming in Python: A Problem Solving Perspective 2024 [eBook] [FCO] About This book aims to strengthen programming skills and foster creative thinking by presenting and solving 90 challenging problems. The book is intended for individuals with elementary, intermediate, and advanced Python programming skills who aspire to take their abilities to the next level. Additionally, […]