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Python Programmer

Gain the career-building programming skills you need to successfully develop software, wrangle data, and perform advanced data analysis in Python. No prior coding experience required. In this track, you’ll learn how to manipulate data, write efficient Python code, and work with challenging data, including date and time data, text data, and web data using APIs. As your skills grow, you’ll progress on to writing functions and unit testing—an essential skill needed to find bugs in your code before your users do! Through interactive exercises, you’ll also gain experience of working with powerful Python libraries, including NumPy, pytest, and pycodestyle, that will help you perform key programmer tasks such as web development, data analysis, and task automation. Start this track and embark on your journey to becoming a Python programmer.


Content List:

1. Introduction To Data Science in Python

2. Data Types for Data Science in Python

3. Data Manipulation with Pandas

4. Python Data Science ToolBox Part-1

5. Python Data Science ToolBox Part-2

6. Writing Efficient Python Code

7. Working with Dates and Times in Python

8. Regular Expressions in Python

9. Web Scraping in Python

10. Writing Functions in Python

11. Introduction To Shell (Not Included as it is fully online Command-Line based).

12. Conda Essentials (Not Included as it is fully online Command-Line based).

13. Parallel Programming With Dask In Python

14. Software Engineering For Data Scientists in Python

15. Unit Testing For Data Science In Python.

16. Object-Oriented Programming in Python. (Not Included as it is fully online Command-Line based).


PROVIDED COURSE COUNT: 13 (3 Courses Are Fully Online Compiler Based + Not Provided Any Course Materials)


Size: 4.61GB


Course: https://www.datacamp.com/tracks/python-programmer

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