[Coursera] Game Design and Development with Unity 2020 Specialization

Coursera – Game Design and Development with Unity 2020 Specialization [FCO]



Launch Your Career in Game Design and Development. Learn the theory and practice of game making using Unity 2020


What you’ll learn

• The ability to design and develop 2D games.

• The ability to design and develop 3D games.

• The game design and development process.


Skills you’ll gain

• Unity
• Video Game Development
• Technology
• Video game
• Game Design


Specialization – 5 course series

Break into the video game industry with theoretical, technical, and practical knowledge from one of the world’s best programs.

In this completely revised 2021 version of the Specialization, learners build the skills necessary to design and development games. The Specialization focuses on both the theory and practice of game making. From a technical standpoint, learners create four game projects in the latest Unity 2020 game engine, include a 2D Shooter, 2D Platformer, First-Person Shooter, and 3D Platformer. In the Capstone Project, learners create a completely original game of their own design from initial concept up to the first playable prototype. The Specialization comes from the Michigan State University game program which is ranked as one of the top programs in North America.

1. Game Design and Development 1: 2D Shooter
2. Game Design and Development 2: 2D Platformer
3. Game Design and Development 3: 3D Shooter
4. Game Design and Development 4: 3D Platformer
5. Game Design and Development 5: Capstone Project

5 Courses, Total, 776 Files, 98 Folders


Applied Learning Project

Learners build four complete Unity game projects while acquiring the knowledge, skills, and attitudes to succeed in the game industry. Learners build a solid foundation for industry roles as a game designer, level designer, technical designer, technical artist, programmer, and/or producer.



Brian M. Winn is the Founder and Director of the Games for Entertainment and Learning (GEL) Lab and the Game Development Program at Michigan State University. Winn is also a Full Professor and Associate Chair in the Department of Media and Information. Winn designs, creates, and researches interactive media experiences. Winn’s expertise is in designing “meaningful play” that combine games and meaningful objectives (such as learning, persuasion, motivation, and fitness). Winn’s “Design, Play, Experience Framework” presents a process for designing meaningful play…

Offered By Michigan State University


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