[BlenderMarket] Bounty Hunter’S Den – Blender & Ue4 Virtual Reality Tutorial Series

BlenderMarket – Bounty Hunter’S Den – Blender & Ue4 Virtual Reality Tutorial Series [FCO]



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The Bounty Hunter’s Den is an 11 part tutorial series with over 6 and 1/2 hours of mind-bending awesomeness.  You can watch the series for free on YouTube with ads but when you buy the series here you get the tutorials ad-free plus all of the project files and assets used in the tutorial series, including the final Unreal Engine 4 project with the full room scale VR experience!


Here’s what we learn

– How to setup blender and ue4 for VR development
– How to model the room.
– How to model the electronic equipment and details.
– How to create realistic procedural shaders for all the objects.
– How to build the holo-table along with creating a cool hologram shader!
– How to UV unwrap and prep objects for export to ue4.
– How to bake materials and set up a duplicate scene in ue4.
– How to animate objects in blender and easily bring them into ue4.
– How to use the sequencer in ue4 to setup playback of our scene.
– How to create amazing mood using lights and atmosphere.
– How to add sound effects and music in ue4.


What About All The Updates To Blender and UE4?

This series focuses on the foundational concepts involved in working in VR between blender and ue4.  New plugins and updates are constantly being rolled out and both of these programs are constantly changing, however the foundational process and concepts taught in this course will always be relevant.

So buckle up and get ready to sci-fi with your host, Chris Bailey from CBaileyFilm!


Why you should buy this series

1. Buying the series will get you every project file used for each part of the tutorial. That’s 7 blender files,  plus the full unreal project including all assets and materials used in the scene (except for the Mandalorian image because… Disney).  With these files you can follow every stage of the project step by step.  Plus you can dissect them for your own projects as well!
2. You also get all 11 lessons as downloadable video files that are AD FREE! That’s right! No Ads! And you can load them onto any device and watch them (gasp) offline in glorious UHD4k (2720×1530)!!!
3. Go ahead.  Treat yourself. start learning…



CBaileyFilm – Epic & Cinematic Sci-Fi Tutorials!


I create award winning Animation, Motion Graphics, Virtual Reality & Video content for businesses around the globe. Clarity, creativity and engaging design mark my work and I strive to raise the bar with every project I take on. You can trust my team and I to deliver on time, on budget & beyond your expectations. I look forward to working with you!


General Info:

Author(s): Chris Bailey / CBaileyFilm
Language: English
Updated: 2023
Videos Duration: 8h+
Course Source: https://blendermarket.com/products/bounty-hunters-den-blender-ue4-virtual-reality-tutorial-series


Size: 3.33GB

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