[Wondrium] Understanding Your Inner Genius


We are all a guru in our own way. Discover your own inner guru as we reveal what scientists have discovered through a fascinating study on intelligence.



In Understanding Your Inner Genius, presenter Laura Helmuth reveals the latest scientific thinking on genius and intelligence—from the making of a genius, to the increase of worldwide IQ scores, and the mysteries of acquired savantism. With myth-busting exhilaration and more than a bit of controversy, scientific studies point the way to increasing the intellect. This course will introduce you to the new, scientifically valid concepts that take the place of old myths regarding intelligence—concepts you can use to your advantage when educating your children, your students, or yourself.


About Instructor

Laura Helmuth,

Laura Helmuth is the editor in chief of Scientific American. She earned a PhD in Cognitive Neuroscience from the University of California, Berkeley, and a graduate certificate in Science Communication from the University of California, Santa Cruz.

Laura has served as the health, science, and environment editor for The Washington Post; director of digital news for National Geographic Partners; science and health editor for Slate; science editor for Smithsonian Magazine; and editor for Science. She is currently on the advisory boards for Spectrum, an autism news website, and SciLine, an organization that helps journalists find the best scientific sources. She also serves on the board…


Size: 2.64GB


Course: https://www.wondrium.com/understanding-your-inner-genius

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