[teamtreehouse] Spring Basics


183-minute Java Course

About this Course

Spring provides a plethora of widely-used development tools for Java programmers, one of which is a library for creating interactive web applications. In this course we’ll begin to leverage the power of the Spring Framework to configure and write a fully-functioning Java web application.

What you’ll learn

  • Spring Framework
  • Gradle
  • Spring Tool Suite
  • Thymeleaf
  • Model View Controller (MVC)


  • Chris Ramacciotti

    I spent six years teaching introductory and advanced computer science to high school students in Omaha and Chicago, and have also worked as a full-time Java developer. As a teacher, I continually strive to support students in removing all perceived and actual barriers to learning highly sophisticated material.

    On the side I run a nonprofit organization that takes teenagers to developing countries to volunteer during the summer. I enjoy running and yoga, especially outdoors in the beautiful Chicago summer weather.

    Size: 1006.64M



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