[Cloud Academy] Developing With GitHub Copilot

Cloud Academy – Developing With GitHub Copilot [FCO] About This lesson walks through the development of a command line TODO list application. Learning Objectives • Explain the value of temporary context • Explain the value of iterative refactoring • Explain the drawbacks of LLM-based applications • Use effective context to produce quality code • Use […]

Holistic Approach To Quantum Cryptography In Cyber Security [eBook]

Holistic Approach To Quantum Cryptography In Cyber Security [eBook] [FCO]   About This new book discusses the concepts while also highlighting the challenges in the field of quantum cryptography and also covering cryptographic techniques and cyber security techniques, in a single volume. It comprehensively covers important topics in the field of quantum cryptography with applications, […]

[CBT Nuggets] Fundamental Cryptography Explained

CBT Nuggets – Fundamental Cryptography Explained [FCO] About This intermediate Fundamental Cryptography Explained training prepares learners to think about keeping information secure as it tries to get from one end of the internet to the other, using the science of cryptography. Throughout human history, keeping secret information secret has been at the heart of the […]

[Antisyphon Training] SOC Core Skills w/ John Strand

  Description This 16-hour information security training course will cover the core security skills all Security Operation Center (SOC) analysts need to have. These are the skills that all Black Hills Information Security (BHIS) SOC team members need to have.   KEY TAKEAWAYS • Core networking skills • Live Windows Forensics • Live Linux Forensics […]

[Cybrary] Certified Information System Auditor (CISA)

  About In order to face the dynamic requirements of meeting enterprise vulnerability management challenges, this CISA course covers the auditing process to ensure that you have the ability to analyze the state of your organization and make changes where needed.   Course Description For Cyber Security professionals who are interested in the field of […]

[PacktPub] Apache Kafka A-Z with Hands-On Learning [Video]

  Video Details By Learnkart Technology Private Limited Released January 2021 ISBN 9781801077569 Course Length 9 hours 36 minutes   About Do you want to learn Apache Kafka to store and process multiple, nonstop streams of information faster? Or do you want to prepare for the Apache Kafka certification exam? This course is an ideal […]

[PacktPub] Python for Automating Information Security [Video]

  By Thomas McNeela   About this video The process of finding and eradicating an attacker is time-consuming and costs a lot, which hurts your organization. You need to write tools that will help you automate your defensive and offensive security. As a penetration tester, you need to evolve quickly. When off-the-shelf tools and exploits […]

[The Great Courses] Fighting Misinformation: Digital Media Literacy

Taught By Multiple Professors 8 lectures |  Average 26 minutes each PDF included   What Will You Learn?  Distinguish between misinformation and disinformation, and learn about several types of problematic content. Explore the ways in which the internet has made us all publishers of information, and practice the techniques necessary to take responsibility for truth and […]