[SkillShare] Unleash Your Portrait Photography Mastery – Midjourney AI Masterclass With ChatGPT And Bard Formula

SkillShare – Unleash Your Portrait Photography Mastery – Midjourney AI Masterclass with ChatGPT and Bard Formula [FCO]


About This Class

Unleash Your Portrait Photography Mastery – Midjourney AI Masterclass with ChatGPT & Bard Formula

Unleash Your Artistic Brilliance with AI Portrait Photography

Join our ultimate AI Portrait Photography Masterclass and redefine your creative journey! Experience the astounding power of AI as it propels your artistic abilities to new heights. Break free from traditional constraints and explore cutting-edge techniques. Whether you’re a photographer, videographer, cinematographer, or visual artist, this course empowers you to transform any idea into breathtaking portraits. With AI as your ally, capture extraordinary images that evoke emotion and captivate hearts. Learn the art of AI-driven portrait photography, master composition, lighting, and the use of AI algorithms to enhance your subjects flawlessly. Under the guidance of our expert instructors, you’ll master the art of AI-driven portrait photography, perfectly blending human creativity with the technological marvels of ChatGPT and the Bard Formula. Unlock the secrets behind crafting striking compositions, leveraging light and shadow to create mesmerizing effects, and using AI algorithms to enhance your subjects’ features flawlessly.

Don’t miss this chance to revolutionize your artistry. Enroll now and become a trailblazer in the world of visual arts!


Course Outlines:
Lesson 1- Project files and Links
Lesson 2- Quick Start by learning about the prompting format and formula
Lesson 3- Understand Type of Cameras and Lenses for each prompt
Lesson 4- Your image in different style and locations
Lesson 5- Butterfly Lighting – Catch Lighting
Lesson 6- Rembrandt Lighting
Lesson 7- Split Lighting
Lesson 8- Broad – Short – Under and Back Lighting
Lesson 9- Secret of ChatGPT and Bard Formula Mastery
Lesson 10- Couple – Pre-wedding Photography
Lesson 11- Street Photography
Lesson 12- Ultimate Tips and Tricks
Lesson 13- Artistic Photography
Lesson 14- Prompts Ideas and Collections


Hands-on Class Project

This is How it Works: What You Have To Do in Order To Complete This Class?
If you are a beginner Please watch my first course “How to use MidJourney V5 ai + ChatGPT for Creating Masterpiece images and Consistent Character” to get familiar with midjourney formatting then you can
watch this Masterclass in Portrait Photography

At the end of each lessons there are some Projects for you to accomplish, after finishing the Projects and uploading your images for feedback you can watch the next lesson.

How Do I Send My Projects During the Course?
1- Go to Project & Resources Section
2- Click On Create Projects (Green Icon)
3-Click on Upload Image
4- Add Project Title ( For Example: Final Project )
5- Add project Description
6- Add more content like your images or Videos of your assignment or your problem if you have.

I will check the Assignments and I will give you feedback in less than 24 hours
Want to get in touch? And share your projects with other students to get more feedback?
Go to class’s Community section!

I’d love to see your first Project.


Skills you will gain

– Photography
– Creative
– Adventure Photography
– Learn Photography
– Composite
– AI Art Generation
– Chatgpt



Welcome, curious learners! Prepare to embark on an extraordinary journey into the enchanting realm of AI-generated images, where creativity knows no bounds. I’m Soli Art, your experienced guide, here to help you tap into your artistic potential. Join me as we explore the ins and outs of industry-leading software like Photoshop, Illustrator, XD, and After Effects, tailored specifically for UI/UX Designers, Photographers, Digital Artists, and Animators. Together, we’ll uncover the secrets, develop essential skills, and ignite our imaginations. Get ready to unlock your creative prowess like never before! Let’s dive into a world where innovation and artistry intertwine in the most awe-inspiring way. Join me on this exhilarating adventure—enroll now and let the magic begin!


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