[Pluralsight] Unity Audio Fundamentals


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ShortDescription“: “This course introduces Unity Developers to the basics of Unity’s audio engine, C# scripting for audio, and creating compelling soundscapes for your Unity project. Software required: Unity 5 or newer, Visual Studio.”,

Description“: “Creating compelling soundscapes for your Unity project can be daunting. In this course, Unity Audio Fundamentals, you’ll get to see the basics of Unity’s audio engine and C# scripting for audio. You’ll start with understanding playing background music, playing ambient sound, and creating event-triggered sound effects (SFX) in Unity. Next, you’ll get to cover multi-track background music and Unity’s Audio Mixer component, as well as the creation of a Music Controller script in Unity, allowing you to have code triggered audio events. Finally, you’ll get to see how to polish your soundscape with audio FX. By the end of this course, you’ll understand how to play and control dynamic multi-track background music, add sound effects and trigger them with C# code, utilize Unity’s many built-in audio effects, and mix it all together using Unity’s convenient Audio Mixer. Software required: Unity 5 or newer, Visual Studio.”,

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