[Pluralsight] MongoDB Administration

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Level“: “Intermediate”,

ShortDescription“: “This course will teach you you the essential skills and tools required to manage MongoDB effectively. It covers MongoDB administration tools, syntax, and management principles addressing everything from installation to configuration, backups, monitoring, scaling out, security, and performance tuning.”,

Description“: “Learn how to effectively administer MongoDB in production. This course takes you through the basics and then dives deep into all aspects of managing MongoDB. It covers basics such as installation and configuration. Basic data backup and recovery, importing, and exporting data will be explored. It shows you how to create and manage replica sets – Mongo’s mechanism for availability and durability. It will teach you how Mongo scales out using sharding. The course also dives into indexing and performance tuning and what tools and techniques you can use to make your production deployment run smoothly and predictably. We will cover issues of security, hardware selection, and other miscellaneous subjects you may run into during operation. If you are considering – or already are – running MongoDB in production, then this course is for you!”,

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