[Pluralsight] Java Web Fundamentals


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ShortDescription“: “To build web applications in Java, you need to understand the libraries and concepts that underly the higher level frameworks, and this course helps you to do that. The course covers writing a web application in Java using Servlets, JavaServer Pages, and tag libraries.”,

Description“: “Many Java web frameworks, such as Struts, are built on top of the Servlet and JavaServer Page specifications and base libraries. To fully understand how these frameworks operate, and to be able to take full advantage of the facilities they offer, you should understand the foundations such frameworks are built on. This course takes you through building a web application using the base Servlet and JavaServer Page libraries. The course discusses the Model-View-Controller pattern using Servlets as the Controller and JavaServer Pages as the View. You will also learn how to hide complex UI interaction inside tag libraries. The course will show you how it is possible to build a web application using these fundamental technologies, and how other frameworks are built.”,

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