[Pluralsight] Enterprise LAN Switching for Cisco CCNA 200-125/200-105

ReleaseDate“: “2017-02-16T00:00:00Z”,
UpdatedDate“: “2017-02-16T00:00:00Z”,
Level“: “Intermediate”,

ShortDescription“: “Providing redundant layer 2 networks is important in order to provide a resilient and reliable network. This course will show you how to do that.”,

Description“: “Understanding how Ethernet works in an enterprise environment is one of the most common skills required by a network engineer. In this course, Enterprise LAN Switching for Cisco CCNA 200-125/200-105, you will learn about creating redundant layer 2 networks with spanning tree protocol and rapid spanning tree protocol. Next, you’ll learn about building redundant links between switches using EtherChannel, understanding how VLAN trunking protocol works. Finally, this course will wrap up by examining switch stacking with Cisco’s stackwise technology. By the end of this course, you will be able to design implement redundant layer 2 networks that can converge in less than a second, as well as increase the bandwidth between switch uplinks using EtherChannel.”,

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