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Master Professional Lightroom Workflow

Taking great photos is only half the battle. A professional photographer needs a professional workflow to organize and maintain their photo catalog. In this tutorial, we’ll teach you the foundations for developing a clear and efficient post-production process. Follow along with the included RAW Photos.

Lightroom Presets, Photoshop Actions, Photoshop Brushes & PRO Courses are included in your PRO Subscription!

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Video Tutorials
3 Video Tutorials Covering
– Lightroom
– Organization
– Workflow
Sample Images
213 RAW Images (16-bit)

Master Lightroom Workflow

Get Started in Lightroom Like a PRO

Importing and Exporting

We begin in Lightroom as if we were opening the program for the very first time. Learn how to import your photos into Lightroom to make cataloging and editing easier.

Learn how to create Keyword Presets, Metadata Presets, add Copyright Protection, and convert your RAW files to a more streamlined format. Importing your images into Lightroom correctly will make file organization and image protection easier than ever.

File Structure / Organization / Workflow

Organizing a few photo shoots is simple, but what happens when you have thousands of photos taken over many years? File structure and organization is a very important part of the photography process many people look over.

Learn the same file structure used by professional photographers to save time and headaches. Learn the workflow system we have been developing for years at Phlearn. From import to edit to export, we make sure everything is well organized!

Part of Our Lightroom Essentials Series

Designed to make it easier for you to find the specific skills you want to learn.

Import & Organize

Never lose a file again! Lightroom offers powerful organizational tools, all you need is the right workflow to make finding your images simple. Learn the PHLEARN Method of file organization and storage to save time and create a more cohesive file structure.

Export & Deliver

After editing images to perfection, it’s time to export them and deliver to a client or upload them to the web. Learn exporting workflow to make sure your images display properly no matter where they end up.

Local Editing, Global Editing, and External Editing

Editing comes in a lot a varieties. Sometimes you’ll need to perform quick global edits to your photos to help you with the culling process. Sometimes more detailed edits are required when you’re working with clients. We’ll show you how to build the editing process into multiple steps of your workflow.

The PHLEARN Workflow

Throughout this series, we’ll take you through everything from creating your first Lightroom catalog, to sending photographs over to Photoshop for external editing. We’ve developed our process over the years to help you work faster, stay organized, and never have to worry about losing or misplacing any files.

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  1. Guys it is a sincere request from user end

    File size is too big for 1.5 course. whereas LYNDA 8 HOURS Course is just 1.2 GB
    Please try something guys to reduce file size. PLEASE PLEASE

  2. Guys it is a sincere request from user end

    File size is too big for 1.5 course. whereas LYNDA 8 HOURS Course is just 1.2 GB
    Please try something guys to reduce file size. PLEASE PLEASE

  3. Guys, it is a sincere request from user end.

    File size is too big for 1.5 hours course. whereas LYNDA 8 HOURS course is only 1.2 GB.Please please try something to reduce the file size


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