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This Phlearn PRO Tutorial will show you more than just basic compositing. You will learn how to seamlessly integrate subtle traits, characteristics and personality into one cohesive being, real or imaginary.

Included in this tutorial   |   9 Sample Images   |   5 Video Tutorials   |   PS Brush & Texture

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Make Perfect Cutouts

Follow along as we explain the correct tools and techniques to cut out the subject for this image. In this tutorial you will learn the fastest way to create a perfect selection and remove subjects and other elements from their background.

Refine Edges

Discover how to properly use the Refine Mask tool in Photoshop to increase your subject and element extractions. This tool is essential for creating accurate selections when creating a composite quickly.

Liquify Tool Best Practices

Make your subject look their best without looking unnatural using the liquify tool properly. Use what you learn to dramatically alter the shapes and tone a person bringing attention to the right places.

Add Amazing Details

Copy elements from one area of the image to another and transform them to feel completely original. Learn to identify areas that are too light, too dark or lacking in detail. Then, easily fix each of the problem areas.

Custom Photoshop Brushes

Learn to create Photoshop brushes so you’ll always have the right brush for the job. Custom brushes are excellent for advanced retouching and adding special effects to your images.

Create a Textured Background

Add texture and detail to the overall image to give a sense of scale and place. Use the included texture images to create your own textured background and enhance the detail and color on your subject. 6 textures are included for you to use on any image!

Use Blend Modes

Learn how to speed up your detail compositing by adjusting the layer blend modes instead of making time-consuming selections. There are a multitude of layer blend mode to choose from and we will show you the best ways to approach this.

Tone Your Color

Learn how to color tone the image to create a more cohesive, artistic feel. We show you how to adjust color in small areas of the photo to add style and authenticity.

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