[PacktPub] Transform Client’s Brief into Actual Web Design Successfully [Video]


Muhammad Ahsan Pervaiz
January 31, 2020

1 hour 50 minutes

A practical guide with systematic steps and tips for web designers and developers on how to convert a client’s brief into an optimized website
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  • Learn from competitors’ analysis and gain inspiration
  • Overcome various collaboration problems
  • Understand how to effectively deliver your web design project
  • Explore performance issues, image optimization, and lazy loading tips
  • Discover how to provide after-sales services to your clients
About This course is designed to get you hands-on with practical web design. If you’re unsure of how to effectively handle and deliver a web design project, the course will guide you through everything from understanding the client’s brief and gaining inspiration through to converting the client’s specifications and your design inspiration into actual web design.

You’ll start by reading and interpreting the client’s web design brief. Next, you will learn from competitors’ analysis and gain inspiration. As you progress, you’ll get to grips with how to set up the design direction for your web design project, before going on to explore how you can improve your website design with time. All along, the course focuses on the whole process, with the instructor giving useful insights into his last two web design projects from start to finish. In addition to this, he also shares the tools, tips and techniques he uses to deliver web design projects successfully.

By the end of this course, you will have learned how to effectively interpret your client’s brief and take it through to completion, designing robust websites.

  • Read and interpret a client’s web design brief and specifications
  • Understand how to decide the design direction for your web design project
Course Length 1 hour 50 minutes
ISBN 9781800204911
Date Of Publication 31 Jan 2020


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