[O’REILLY] Ethical Hacking – Orchestrating Attacks

by Sunil Gupta
Released November 2018
Publisher(s): Apress
ISBN: 9781484243404

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Video Description


Focus on the key attacks you can use to detect flaws in websites and networks. You will begin by installing your virtual machine and Kali Linux on your system. You will also install your server and host a buggy web application. Starting with network attacks, you will begin by installing an antivirus bypass framework. You will then learn how to bypass Windows Defender and other antivirus software. Following this you will look at the post-exploitation phase of the attack to determine the value of the compromised machine and to maintain control of it for later use. Shifting focus to website attacks, you will look at various vulnerabilities to watch out for and exploit. Finally, you will go through a number of attacks that can breach your website. Key attacks such as SQL injection, XSS, and buffer overflows will be analyzed in detail.

What You Will Learn
  • Work with virtual machines and Kali Linux
  • Carry out penetration testing of your operating systems
  • Bypass Windows Defender and other antivirus software
  • Use key website and network attacks
Who This Video Is For
Network security experts, web security specialists, application security experts, penetration testers, and ethical hackers.


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Size: 479MB

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