[O’REILLY] Building A Career In Cybersecurity

O’REILLY – Building a Career in Cybersecurity [FCO]



3 Hours of Video Instruction

Learn the strategy and skills you need to succeed in the cybersecurity field



Cybersecurity is an exciting, fast-growing industry. But how do you get started in the field and stand out from the competition? What do you need to fast track your cybersecurity career?

In this video course, industry expert, professor, and bestselling author Yuri Diogenes guides you through the steps toward a successful career in cybersecurity. Learn about the roles and responsibilities of a cybersecurity professional, the mindset and skills you need to succeed, and how you can build a network and ace your interview to level up in your career.

Yuri knows what it takes to jumpstart your cybersecurity career. He is a Principal PM Manager for a cybersecurity team at Microsoft, hiring the next generation of practitioners. He also teaches students working toward their degree in cybersecurity, preparing them for professional success. Whether you’re just getting started or want to move ahead in your cybersecurity career, Yuri is your mentor to building a career in cybersecurity.


Learn How To

– Identify gaps in your current knowledge in cybersecurity and create a plan to migrate to this field.
– Build a lab to deploy cloud security products and practice some of the concepts that you learn in the video course.
– Evolve in your career by improving your professional skills, expanding your network of contacts, and learning how to deal with difficult scenarios.


Who Should Take This Course

Aspiring or early career technical professionals who want to work in the cybersecurity field and achieve success.


Course Requirements

Since this video course is a guide to help professionals migrate to the cybersecurity field, there are no direct pre-requisites.


About the Instructor

Yuri Diogenes has been in the IT field since 1994, and in the cybersecurity field since 2006. Yuri has been at Microsoft for 17 years and currently he is a Principal PM Manager, where he manages a team of Product Managers for Defender for Cloud. In the academic field, Yuri has been a Professor for EC-Council University since 2005, where he teaches at the Bs in Cybersecurity program. Yuri has a master’s degree in Cybersecurity Intelligence and Forensics Investigation at UTICA College and currently he is working on a PhD in Cybersecurity Leadership from Capitol Technology University. Yuri is the host of the Defender for Cloud in the Field Show for Microsoft Security, and a published author with a total of 30 books published worldwide.


General Info:

Author(s): Yuri Diogenes
Language: English
Released: September 2023
Publisher(s): Pearson
ISBN: 0138255008
Videos Duration: 3h
Course Source: https://www.oreilly.com/library/view/building-a-career/9780138255008/


Size: 808MB

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