[Lynda] WordPress REST API: Authentication

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To unlock the full potential of the WordPress REST API, you must understand how to create, read, edit, and delete content—tasks that can be performed only with the right authorization. In this course, explore several authentication methods for the WordPress REST API. Discover what authentication is and when you need it, and explore cookie authentication and how to piggyback off of the built-in authentication system in WordPress. Plus, learn about several different credential verification methods that ensure secure communication, including JWT and OAuth 2 authentication.

Topics include:

  • What is authentication and when do you need it?
  • Cookie authentication
  • Creating a plugin for front-end editing
  • Adding the front-end editing functionality using jQuery
  • Limiting front-end editing to authorized users
  • What is JWT authentication?
  • Capturing login information with JavaScript
  • Adding editing capability using Ajax
  • OAuth 2 authentication
  • Configuring JSO
  • Making login and log out states meaningful
Skill Level Advanced

1h 48m



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