[Lynda] React: Building Progressive Web Apps (PWAs)


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Single-page applications may be smooth, quick, and effective—but they disappear when the network connection drops. Progressive web apps (PWAs) work offline, enhancing resilience and allowing developers create seamless user experiences that feel like native apps. Learn how to build your own PWAs using React, the flexible front-end framework, in this course with Eve Porcello. Eve explains how to build the PWA component, fetch data, use Lighthouse to validate your app, and add offline capabilities to keep your app running even when the internet is down. Plus, learn how to install your app locally with browsers like Chrome and Safari for iOS.

Topics include:

  • Creating a PWA component
  • Fetching data with React hooks
  • Running the build with npm scripts
  • Auditing your app with Lighthouse
  • Going offline
  • Installing the PWA with Chrome and Safari for iOS
  • Deploying your PWA on a hosting provider
Skill Level: Intermediate

50m 19s Duration


Skills covered in this course

Developer Web Web Development React.js


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