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Operate with increased efficiency. Learn how to evaluate business processes using Excel worksheet formulas. These formulas let business analysts determine the theoretical throughput of processes, assess the impact of changeover time, identify bottlenecks, and weigh setup costs versus product costs when placing an order. Curt Frye shows how to apply them to calculate capacity, identify what resources are idle and underutilized, determine optimum batch size, and calculate the right number of products to manufacture and the correct quantity to order to maximize cost savings. These are the kinds of business decisions that business analysis tools like Excel were built for! Learn how to use it to help your organization run at an entirely new level of productivity.

Topics include:

  • Drawing process flow diagrams
  • Calculating process capacity
  • Identifying bottlenecks
  • Determining cycle time and idle time
  • Calculating labor
  • Calculating utilization
  • Analyzing batch processes
  • Calculating optimal order quantities
Skill Level Intermediate

1h 25m



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  1. There are no course exercise files in the link. What use is the course without exercise files? Please provide the course exercise files too. Thanks.


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