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Node.js developers often consider MongoDB to be their main choice when building a data-driven application—but many alternatives may provide better solutions. In this course, learn about the various database options available for Node.js applications, so that you can select the right database for your app. Daniel Khan reviews the basics of relational and nonrelational databases, and explains how—and when—to use document databases with Node.js. He also covers using key-value stores and relational databases with Node.js, demonstrating how to work with MySQL and Sequelize.

Topics include:

  • Basics of relational and nonrelational databases
  • Preparing your environment
  • When to use document databases
  • Inserting data into MongoDB
  • Basic insert operations for MongoDB
  • Querying data from MongoDB with Node.js
  • Using key-value stores
  • Using relational databases with Node.js
  • Adding MySQL and Sequelize to a project
Skill Level Intermediate

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