[LYNDA] Construction Management: Reading Drawings & Specifications

Author Jim Rogers

Released 5/1/2017

Skill Level Beginner

Duration 2h 20m


Construction drawings are instructions that a designer has drawn up to translate the owner’s ideas, tell you what materials, parts, and pieces you need for a project, and explain where to place those items in the field. If you’re in the construction industry, having the ability to decipher these drawings makes you a more valuable team member, and can generally help you advance your career.

In this course, learn how to read construction drawings. Jim Rogers helps you acquire this important skillset by taking you through the different components that make up construction plans, and helping you understand the language of construction drawings. He covers types of views, highlights different kinds of construction drawings—including architectural drawings, electrical drawings, and plumbing drawings—explains how to read general notes, and more.


Topics include:

  • Deciphering the language of construction drawings
  • Understanding line types
  • Reviewing plan views, elevation views, section views, and isometric views
  • Reviewing architectural drawings, structural drawings, and mechanical drawings
  • Drilling down to the details
  • Reviewing reference points on drawings
  • Understanding schedules
  • The future of construction drawings


Skills covered in this course

3D + Animation BIM CAD Construction Bluebeam


Size: 675MB

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