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PowerShell is a great tool for managing core infrastructure, general server and client administration, specific Windows services, and even elements of Azure. Jump-start your career and your IT environment by learning to use the latest version, PowerShell 7. Instructor Liam Cleary shows you how to ensure you’re using the administrator option in PowerShell, how to modify the PowerShell console, and how to choose a development environment. He introduces new features in PowerShell 7 and walks you through how to use PowerShell modules. Liam explains how to choose and execute commands, how to use variables, and how to create and manage objects. He steps you through how to enable the execution of scripts, how to create a reusable script, and how to create parameters. Liam covers different commands to use and how to execute them, then goes into when to use JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) and how to import it. In conclusion, he discusses when to use remoting and the implications of doing so.



Liam Cleary

CEO/Owner at SharePlicity, Microsoft MVP and MCT

Liam Cleary is a Microsoft MVP and MCT. He is also CEO of SharePlicity, a Microsoft 365 solutions firm.

Liam began his career as a trainer of all things computer related. He realized that programming, breaking, and hacking were a lot more fun. Over the past 20 years, he has worked within core infrastructure, security services, collaboration platforms, and the cloud. He presents all over the world and teaches his kids how to code, as well as Raspberry PI programming, how to hack the planet, and how to build Lego robots. Learn more at shareplicity.com and helloitsliam.com.

Skills covered in this course:

• Server Administration
• Network Administration
• IT
• Powershell


Size: 661MB


Course: https://www.linkedin.com/learning/powershell-7-essential-training

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