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Enterprise architecture (EA) is largely an art that’s best taught by example. The alignment of technology and business strategies requires a nuanced understanding of how to manage people, processes, and the technical assets that power an organization. In this course, David Swersky focuses on the practical applications of EA as he steps through the technological transformation of a fictional company, Brick and Mortar. Throughout the course, David shows how an executive would assess the technology in use by Brick and Mortar, and then create and execute a plan to modernize. Learn how to build your EA team and produce roadmaps for strategic planning. Plus, discover what the day-to-day operations of an EA team looks like, as well as how to tackle common challenges.



David Swersky

Dave Swersky is a DevOps and enterprise architect with over 20 years of IT experience.

Currently, Dave works as a solutions architect for the US Department of Agriculture, where he offers DevOps strategy consulting—including cloud and CI/CD development—enterprise architecture strategy, and application architecture and support.

Dave’s first job in computing was building PCs for a retailer—back when the 486 was state of the art. He then had an opportunity to work at Microsoft Product Support, where he began to dabble in programming. (Access will always have a special place in his heart.)

He developed applications using VB for Applications, VB6, and VB.NET, in systems ranging across asset management, ERP, and web portal. He made his transition to C# while working on a content management platform and never looked back. Then, after more than ten years writing software on the .NET platform, he transitioned to enterprise architecture. His focus and passion is now DevOps and continuous delivery.

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  • Enterprise Architecture



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