[ITProTV] Hands-On Web App Pentesting

ITProTV – Hands-On Web App Pentesting [FCO]



Web Application Penetration Testing Skills

In this episode, we discuss the purpose, scope, and skills you’ll learn in the Hands-on Web App Pentesting series.



This course is designed for those looking to gain skills related to penetration testing web applications. We start by covering topics that will help you understand some of the basics of web technologies which are the foundation of modern web applications. Next we will gain familiarity with common web app pentesting tools as well as information gathering skills and methods. Finally, we will explore and attack common web application vulnerabilities.



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General Info:

Author(s): Daniel Lowrie
Language: English
Updated: 05/2022
Videos Duration: 9h 55m
Course Source: https://www.itpro.tv/courses/security-skills/webapp-penetration-testing/


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