[Golang Dojo] Go Developer: Bootcamp

[Golang Dojo] Go Developer: Bootcamp [FCO]


Who’s the Go Bootcamp for?


Experienced Developers attempting to change to Go. Get familiar with the language representing things to come. Your time is important (in a real sense, $149,510/yr). Learn Go Quick with the Bootcamp, rather than digging through low-quality resources.


Students/Graduates searching for a task. Lots of jobs in Go. Gain admittance to a local area that can assist you with getting your most memorable work. Go is an extraordinary resume manufacturer. Stand apart from different competitors.


Furthermore… YOU! Go enthusiasts. Go is what the cool children use now. Cutting-edge technologies are currently worked in Go and constructed better in Go. Team up with other Go enthusiasts in the Bootcamp people group.


Become Occupation Prepared in 9 Weeks!

Source: https://products.golangdojo.com/bootcamp


Gitlab (Resources): https://gitlab.com/golangdojo/bootcamp


Size: 1.89GB

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