Geometric Patterns With Creative Coding: Coding For The Arts [eBook]

Geometric Patterns With Creative Coding: Coding For The Arts [eBook] [FCO]



Facilitate coding in generating geometric motives with a special focus on analyzing their geometric formulations. This book aims to teach analytical coding skills by combining arts and mathematics.
Geometric patterns are quintessentially important for understanding today’s media arts and their relationship with mathematics. With the main emphasis on this, author Selçuk Artut proposes a certain workflow to mathematically analyze a geometric pattern and use creative coding skills to render it on a computer screen.
When done, you’ll understand the basics of coding and expand the provided structure to cover issues of creative coding in particular. This book will also present a workflow to geometrically analyze and build patterns with detailed examples.


What You Will Learn:

– Gain insight into the field of geometric patterns and its cultural value
– Review dialectic creativity that takes place between humans and computers
– Use code as a creative tool to use human-computer interaction to develop one’s creative skills


Who This Book Is For

Any person who has an interest in using coding as a creative tool. University students from Arts, Design, Architecture, and Computer Science departments. Artists and designers who are eager to implement creative coding in their artistic production.


About the Author

Selçuk ARTUT’s artistic research and production focus on theoretical and practical dimensions of human-technology relations. Artut’s artworks have been exhibited at Dystopie Sound Art Festival (Berlin, 2018), Moving Image NY (New York, 2015), Art13 London (London, 2013), ICA London (London, 2012), Art Hong Kong (Hong Kong, 2011), Istanbul Biennale (Istanbul, 2007), and received coverage at Artsy, Creative Applications, CoDesign, Visual Complexity, CNN GO. He holds a Ph.D. in Media and Communications from European Graduate School, Switzerland.
An author of six books and an editor of one, Artut is an Associate Professor at the Visual Arts and Visual Communication Design Program at Sabanci University, Istanbul where he mainly teaches Sound and Interaction Courses. He has been releasing several albums as a member of the Post-Rock Avant-Garde music band Replikas since 1998. In 2016, Artut founded an audio-visual performance duo named RAW ( which produces works through creative coding and live-coding techniques.


Product Details

Author: Selçuk Artut
Publisher: ‎Apress; 1st ed. edition (July 13, 2023)
Language: English
Paperback: ‎420 pages
ISBN-10: 1484293886
ISBN-13: ‎978-1484293881
Format: True PDF


Size: 8.55MB

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