Executive Presence 2.0: Leadership in an Age of Inclusion [AudioBook]

Executive Presence 2.0: Leadership in an Age of Inclusion [AudioBook] [FCO]



In this updated and expanded edition of her celebrated book Executive Presence: The Missing Link Between Merit and Success, one of the world’s most influential business thinkers reveals the qualities essential to leadership in our fast-changing, post-pandemic world. Some are timeless (confidence, decisiveness), some are brand new (the ability to command Zoom), and all are game-changers.

Nearly a decade ago, economist Sylvia Ann Hewlett cracked the code of executive presence (EP). Drawing on complex data and in-depth interviews with senior executives from sectors as different as finance and fashion, she demonstrated that EP is a potent mix of gravitas, communication, and appearance.

Executive Presence became a classic. Translated into seven languages, it’s helped tens of thousands of ambitious, accomplished professionals to fast-track their careers. Chuck Robbins (CEO of Cisco), and Thasunda Brown Duckett (CEO, TIAA), are among the leaders who recommend this book for any up-and-comer seeking to rise through the ranks and do something extraordinary with their lives.

But EP has evolved. Black Lives Matter, the #MeToo movement, and a global pandemic have changed the leadership equation. But how? To answer that question, in 2022, Hewlett embarked on a second round of quantitative and qualitative research, targeting seasoned leaders and thirty-something-year-old executives at the cutting edge of the new economy (fin-tech, gaming, media). Her findings are timely as new executives find their feet in a post-pandemic world.

Hewlett demonstrates that in 2023 leaders worldwide seek to promote high-performing men and women who exude confidence but also project authenticity and inclusivity. They’re also intent on advancing those who excel at leading remote teams and demonstrate a command of social media. It’s no coincidence that Eddie Glaude, Amanda Gorman, and Gustavo Dudamel are stars of this new edition of Executive Presence and the usual suspects.

Hewlett’s most potent message, ten years ago and now, is that EP is eminently learnable. You don’t need to have the voice of James Earl Jones, the communication skills of Steve Jobs, or the athleticism of Michelle Obama to ace EP. You merely have to arm yourself with the tools and tactics contained in this book.

Supplemental enhancement PDF accompanies the audiobook.


About the Author

Sylvia Ann Hewlett is an author, an economist and an entrepreneur.  She is CEO of Hewlett Consulting Partners and founder of the Center for Talent Innovation, a think tank where she built a Task Force of 90 global companies focused on Leadership in an Age of Inclusion. Dr. Hewlett’s high-profile books quantify the “value of difference,” and provide vivid word portraits of highly qualified women, people of color and LGBTQ employees attempting to gain traction in their careers. Organizations as different as Cisco (’19), Goldman Sachs (’20), DraftKings (’21), Cartier (’21) and the State Department (’21) find her presentations, which blend hard data with in-depth storytelling and concrete solutions, immensely helpful in their urgent efforts to create more inclusive leadership cultures…


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Author(s): Sylvia Ann Hewlett
Listening Length: 9 hours and 9 minutes
Narrator: Rosalind Ashford
Audible.com Release Date: November 07, 2023
Publisher: HarperAudio
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