[Dapp University] Blockchain Developer Bootcamp



Blockchain Developer Bootcamp: Become a Highly Paid Blockchain Developer!

In the Dapp University Bootcamp, you’ll get step by step training you need to become a blockchain developer.


Table Of Contents:

1 Welcome to The Blockchain Bootcamp! Watch this first.
2 Why Blockchain?
3 What Is A Blockchain?
4 How Does A Blockchain Work?
5 Intro To Ethereum
6 Intro To Cryptography
7 Intro To Wallets
8 Intro To Dapps
9 Intro To Smart Contracts
10 Intro To Web3.js
11 Intro To Ethereum Tokens
12 Intro To Cryptocurrency Exchanges
13 Intro To React.js
14 Setup Pt 1 – Mac & Linux
15 Setup Pt 1 – Windows
17 Create The Project
18 Smoke Test
19 Smart Contract Tests
20 Transfer Tokens
21 Delegated Token Transfers
22 Let’s Start Building The Exchange (Deposits)!
23 Withdraws
24 Orders
25 Trades
26 Let’s Seed The Exchange!
27 UI Setup
28 Redux
29 Selectors
30 Trades
31 Order Book
32 My Transactions
33 Price Chart
34 Cancel Orders
35 Fill Orders
36 Deposits
37 Create Orders
38 Deploy Contracts
39 Deploy UI


There are 3 videos in the free course and they cover the these topics:

• How Gregory McCubbin makes over $20,000 a week
• How do blockchain developers earn so much money
• How to make money from your skills


Skills covered in this course:

Here’s what Gregory McCubbin will teach you:

• What blockchain is
• How blockchain works
• An introduction to Ethereum
• Introductory lessons in cryptography
• Into to wallets
• Introduction to dapps
• Introduction to smart contracts


The prerequisite to becoming a blockchain developer is having experience in the following:

• Programming language proficiency (Python, JavaScript)
• Programming concepts knowledge
• Familiarity with command line to create new directories


About Instructor:

Founder, Dapp University

Gregory McCubbin, is very active on YouTube, At the time of writing, he has around 193K subscribers on his YouTube channel. You may have found his course after watching his YouTube video.

You may ask, can you really make money as a blockchain developer after taking Gregory McCubbin’s course? I believe Gregory McCubbin does, but he may be earning more money from selling courses instead of working as a blockchain developer.


Size: 3.54GB


Course: https://dappuniversity.teachable.com/p/blockchain-developer-bootcamp

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